Jeys Empire

Play as J.Edgar Hoover, legendary Director of the FBI, in this historical strategy-RPG game. You will fight against the Mafia, the Communists, the Ku Klux Klan, the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground and many other dangerous organizations and groups. You will also have the opportunity to investigate all the great cases of the Sixties, ranging from the assassination of Marilyn Monroe to of Kennedy's own shooting. You are the master of secrets, pulling in the shadows, the strings of American political life. A Management Rpg In this, you manage your empire as you would with a classic management game.You interact in RPG mode with a fauna of henchmen, gangsters, and personalities of the 1960s. Don't Get Fired!] Your enemies dream of getting rid of you. Cultivate your precious secret files and intelligence to always stay one step ahead of them.

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